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What is a kimono anyway?

Sakura earrings are handmade from vintage kimonos, a traditional Japanese garment. Dress kimonos were made from silk, although other materials were used for less formal occasions. Today, the Kimono is mostly reserved for special occasions.

Kimonos worn by women often have fabric display themes from nature. White is a popular color in Japanese culture because it is symbolic of purity, and is also known as a color that symbolizes divinity, truth, simplicity, humility, and mourning. Purple is most notably the color of royalty, but it can also reflect on nobility, spirituality, and wisdom. Orange is symbolic of love, happiness, and the sun. Green represents nature, freshness, vigor, and good luck. Pink denotes youth. life, happiness, and spring (as well as new beginnings).

When you wear Sakura Earrings, you are carrying forward a tradition of elegance, simplicity, and beauty.

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